The Trinity, some thoughts – CMW214


What is it? What isn’t it? And why might be it a round about proof of the truth of Christianity? These are the ideas I kick around on this episode of Christian Meets World.

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  • Rubs Troll

    Jason,have you ever thought about changing the name of the show from “Christian meets World” to “You know…”,it seems that “You Know…” Is the main argument used on this show for the proof of the Christian Truth.I’ve truly enjoyed this episode.

  • Lydia Shoto

    I believe in the Oneness doctrine. That there is one God and He has manifested Himself as God our creator, Jesus our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit the indwelling Spirit. It’s not thinking God puts on masks, but that He manifests Himself in different ways. All throughout the Bible you see where He has done this. And in regards to Matthew 3, I definitely believe that my God who has created all things and is omnipotent and omnipresent can be manifested in three ways at one time. Believing that is not so is truly limiting God’s power. Jesus was fully God and fully man. Much of what we read in Scripture that he did in terms of praying and pleading to God was the humanity part of Him.

    I promise I write this in a respectful manner. Not to be argumentative.