The Jesus was a Progressive Poster- CMW 216


There is a poster floating around attributed to John Fugelsand. I thought i’d go through some problems with it. Also Neo gave us some feedback on the last slavery episode.

2014-04-22 16.58.33

I don’t know if John is a Christian, he claims to be follow Jesus and based on the contents of this poster i’m pretty sure he doesn’t really read the bible and he certainly isn’t an orthodox Christian.

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    • Mikel Withers

      In response to “Neo’s” audio clip:

      It is pretty clear that Neo is not Reformed in her theology, which, being an atheist, is hardly surprising. As I am not either, I will leave the ramifications of that on choice to anyone else interested.
      Now, Neo states approval of God’s leaving the choice to follow Him or not, in the hands of the individual, but let us look at that. What is the outcome for someone who doesn’t follow God? Is it simply walking a different road? Is it the equivalent of escaping slavery? I wont try to get too deep here, but in simple terms the result is death. If that is the case, then a slave would have the same choice with a human master.

      So, the Bible doesn’t tell us to free our slaves…okay, what does it tell us to do? In Philemon, Paul writes to accept the runaway slave Onesimus back as a dearly beloved brother. One doesn’t treat a dearly beloved brother as chattel, even if, under the law, one has that ability. Instead, one supports, helps, empowers, a dearly beloved brother.