Some thoughts on Slavery – CMW215


I had an interesting discussion during the week with an atheist on the question of Slavery and I thought i’d explore that on this episode of Christian Meets World. Hopefully the atheist in question will add some thoughts to the discussion.

Show Notes

  • Slavery
  • The Bible and Slavery
  • Bible references on Slavery
  • Taxation as Slavery
  • Ask your questions or share your feedback

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    • Mikel Withers

      Terrific show, thought you went over things pretty well. I think you may have missed something that a blanket prohibition on “slavery” would do: say you are crossing the wilderness and you come across some poor starving wretch. Do you help them if you are prohibited from having claim to them? If you save their life, they owe you that life, whether or not you demand it of them. If you were under that prohibition, merely allowing any form of debt would be sinful. No monetary debts, of course, no labor debts, no debts of honor, no debts of politesse, no debts of gratitude… that would kind of make “loving each other” a little difficult. Another step, let us say that a thief steals your wallet. He is now under a debt to you. Without having done a single thing, you are now in a state of sinfulness. …in fact, I suppose that any positive right would be a form of slavery over other people.
      I propose that we are all in varying states of slavery and debt to many people at all times. Like most states-of-being it is a morally neutral situation, and what we do with it is where moral values come into play.