Predestination and Free Will – CMW220


A listener asked me to discuss the idea of Predestination and Free Will. So here goes. Some of this is kind of speculative so make of it what you will.

Show Notes

  • Predestination
  • Free Will
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    • Mikel Withers

      My view: take it for what it is worth. I affirm God’s absolute sovereignty. God can do whatever God wants to do, the only restrictions on that being God’s nature. As a part of that, God allows us free will over pretty much everything. Libertarian free will? I am not sure. Is it true libertarian free will if I cannot choose to levitate? If it is libertarian free will, and that is free will restricted by nature or some outside force, then how is that inherently different than God setting certain restrictions on us? If nature’s restrictions are “above” us, then God’s restrictions would also seem to be “above” us, just a step further on. If it is a matter of a will being enforced on us (impersonal nature vs. personal God) then would not nature be an impersonal tool of that personal God? There would seem to be nothing logically inconsistent about levitation, thus, it should be a possibility under true libertarian free will. If it is not, then that is because something else is influencing us.
      All that to say: I believe we have libertarian free will over the issues allowed us by God in His sovereignty. The decisions we are allowed are almost everything, including denying Him/rebelling against Him. We are allowed to go against God’s will, which He could enforce, but chooses not to.