How John C. Wright came to Christ – CMW219


I have a chat with science fiction author John C. Wright, we chat about how he used to be an atheist and how he came to Christ. It makes for an interesting chat.

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    • Fr. Terry Donahue

      Thanks for that intense and edifying interview. I’ve been a long-time reader of John’s blog since his conversion, so I’m familiar with that aspect of his writing and a couple written versions of his conversion. But this spoken versions has quite a bit more detail and fleshes out the reasoning behind his conversion from his spiritual experiences and answers to prayer. There is a lot that resonates with my own experience, as a former agnostic and now Catholic priest.

    • jwrennie

      Hi Terry thanks and i’m glad you enjoyed it.

    • napari

      Splendid interview! ty so much

      • jwrennie


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