The Demand for Miracles – CMW202


Some thoughts on the atheists demand for various sorts of miracles to authenticate the truth of Christianity.

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  • Matthew Newton


    Just discovered your show because I went looking for Christian podcasts just to see what they’re like.

    You spend a lot of time putting words in the mouths of atheists… building lots of straw men to then tear them down.

    Genuine evidence is what matters. Not rhetorical flourishes.

    Your Facebook discussion friends may not want to talk on a podcast but I’m more than happy to.

    Mat — Twitter @himatthewnewton

    • jwrennie

      Hi Matt,

      I assure you I wasn’t putting words in anybodies mouth in that episode. I invited the atheist in question on the show and he did decline.

      If you would like to come on the show then shoot me an email (Which wasn’t working for a bit but is now) and we can work something out.

      • Matthew Newton

        Hey man

        When I said putting words in people’s mouths I was referring to the hypotheticals where you would detail X possible miracle and then predict that the atheists wouldn’t accept it for hypothetical reasons Y and Z, which for me constitutes putting words into their (our) mouths.

        Timing is awkward because I’m travelling but this could be fun.


        • jwrennie

          Well I couldn’t put it directly to him, but I’ve had the conversations before and it is how they tend to go. No miracle not personally observed will be accepted and even then ultimately whether it would be accepted is iffy.

          I’m in Oz so timing is always going to be odd regardless as we need to align timezones (assuming you are in the US). I’m used to recording at odd hours. It would just require a phone line or skype connection on your end. Shoot me an email (or if that doesn’t work but it should) and we can try and set up a time.

          Heck we can discuss miracles if you like.