Back soon

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The show will be back next weekend. I have been collection a bunch of interesting interviews on Hell, the New Age, the Pro-life position and more in the pipe line to kick of season 3, plus more of the usual rambling. I also have some exciting news, I have a new magazine out, Sci Phi […]

Does Methodological Naturalism entail Anti-Realism?

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I’m constantly told that Science requires a foundation of Methodological Naturalism to function and that you cannot do science without it, while being told that this doesn’t really mean Philosophical Naturalism and so on. However I don’t think the proponents of Methodological Naturalism have every really considered what it means for science as a discipline […]

Where did Aquinas go wrong on Happiness?

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Thomas Aquinas asks a host of interesting questions in his mammoth “beginners guide”, the Summa Theologicae and his five ways are famous as an argument for the existence of God. However he asks a really interesting question in Q2 of the First Part of the Second part. He explores the question, “What does a mans […]

A question of evidence

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It seems we are regularly treated to atheists demanding “evidence” for the existence of god and by “evidence” they mean something empirical, getting decidedly upset if you point to something like Thomas Aquinas’ 5 Ways. They claim that logical philosophical arguments don’t count because they aren’t “empirical” or some such, although the person usually says […]

Downtime and News

Hi everyone, sorry the show has been off the air for a while. A new job and buying a house hasn’t been kind to my spare time. However the move will be accomplished next week end and the show will be getting back on track after that. Especially as I will now have an hour […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us (well actually there is only me) at Christian Meets World. Enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ and I will be back in the new year.

An update on the show

Hi everyone, Sorry the show has been off the air for the last little while. Life and a sick wife gave a way of getting in the way sometimes. I just wanted to cine in and say that the show will be off air till the first week of 2012 when I will be back […]

New Christian Meets World™ soon …

Sorry for the long absence. Christian Meets World™ will be back with a new episode tomorrow night. Life got in the way unfortunately and then weeks turns into months. But Daniel gave me the needed kick in the pants and things will be back on track soon.