Going on Hiatus for a while

Hi everybody, i’ve been putting this post off for a little while but I think I just need to bite the bullet and accept the truth. I don’t currently have enough time to do the podcasts, Sci Phi Journal and SuperversiveSF all at the same time. So I regret I will be putting the podcast […]

Sorry no show this week

Sorry there will be no episode this week. Life has interfered and made it impossible to get one recorded. If you are looking for some new content you might enjoy Sci Phi Show, Sci Phi Journal or SuperversiveSF.com.

Back soon

Christian Meets World cover art

The show will be back next weekend. I have been collection a bunch of interesting interviews on Hell, the New Age, the Pro-life position and more in the pipe line to kick of season 3, plus more of the usual rambling. I also have some exciting news, I have a new magazine out, Sci Phi […]

Back soon

Sorry i’ve been away, I have been in the process of relaunching Sci Phi Journal. Check it out, should be out over the weekend. Back to regular programming soon.